It may soon be legal to operate a medical marijuana medical business and to use marijuana for medical reasons in Florida under state law, but it remains illegal under federal law.  Can a St. Petersburg Divorce Lawyer advise a client about using the drug or operating such a business without running afoul of the Bar? Yes, according to the Bar Board of Governors, which adopted a policy not to prosecute Bar members for misconduct if they advise clients about the new state law–as long as they also remind clients about federal law.  The board at its St. Augustine meeting last month approved the recommendation of the Disciplinary Procedure Committee.  With the enactment of the state law–and the possible passage this fall of a broader constitutional amendment allowing medical marijuana– “We’ll have government lawyers who are going to be asked to draft regulations implementing these laws.  We’ll have private law firms asked to assist businesses who want to set up to distribute medical marijuana,” DCP Chair Jay Manuel told the board.  “There is still a federal law that is against distribution and use of marijuana, although the Department of Justice has not been actively involved in prosecuting those involved in the distribution and use of medical marijuana.

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